Share your story

Help us make a difference and raise awareness across the world in areas where there may be limited information and knowledge about PWS. 

How will your story be used? 

Sharing stories of those with PWS or from the perspective of their families, carers and doctors is hugely important in helping IPWSO to raise awareness around the world and reach people where vital information may not be available.


Your story will help other families and carers to fully understand real life experiences, expectations and support available worldwide. We shall use your story within our blog and share across our social media platforms to build upon our PWS community. 

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How to get involved

Be as creative as you wish. If you would like to write a blog post, take part in a Q&A or just let us know some key experiences and points you would wish to share with the wider community, all options are welcomed.

Some ideas on topics to get you started:

> A parent's perspective: a day in the life of a child with PWS

> Your diet plan for a child with PWS

> Professional advice on support

> Fundraising experiences & challenges

> Caring for an adult with PWS

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