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One of the corner-stones of our work is providing free PWS diagnoses to families in countries where this is not usually available.  IPWSO underwrites approximately 60 diagnoses a year providing families with the information they need, the support and management of this unique syndrome.

The  laboratory we use is in Vicenza, Italy and part of B.I.R.D, the Bachirotto Institute of Rare Disorders.  The process is simple; a blood-spot on a piece of blotting paper sent to the laboratory is enough to provide results.


IPWSO translates material into many different languages.  Our "Medical Alerts" booklet is available to download in 16 different languages.  Other translations are on our Family Care page.  Translations are so important to families where there are no PWS Associations and little support in the way of information, knowledge or management skills.  IPWSO provides this material, and ongoing one-on-one support wherever needed.


Maybe you would just like to make a donation towards our work, in memory of a loved one. This is one of the nicest ways to remember a person by - knowing that your contribution will go to help others in countries where families are desperate for help.


IPWSO provides scholarships to its international PWS Conferences every three years.  Applications are accepted from across the board - professionals and parents alike, allowing those who might not have been able to attend, access to a network of professionals and a huge resource of information


Donations can be made through our "iDonate" site with a selection and choice of amounts, or monthly donations. In this day and age, IPWSO has become reliant on the generosity and good-heartedness of its donors.  We appreciate your generosity and whole-heartedly thank you!

If you prefer to donate via another method, please contact us for details our bank account

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