India’s population is equivalent to 17.71% of total world’s population. Assuming one in 15,000, estimated 91,350 PWS patients are in India. Considering the neighbouring countries' population, the PWS patient figures will be alarming and challenging in this region and they need support.

In the past, no IPWSO or any other international PWS conference has happened in this part of the world. The IPWSO conference will bring worldwide PWS experts to India. It will help PWS patients, families, teachers, caregivers and related medical personnel.

Many of children are either undiagnosed or diagnosed but not well-informed. Having IPWSO conference will create awareness among medical fraternity to get latest information and updates, which in turn will be beneficial for the families.  The IPWSO conference will not only help in new diagnosis, new technology, new research but also create awareness in making families known to PWS association. We also hope it’ll create some media awareness for betterment of the PWS families. It also strengthens our country’s networks with those of other countries, where a number of PWS and genetic disorder researches are underway and are at advanced stage.

Delhi is the capital of India, a land of knowledge and culture, growth and development, mysticism and modernity. India is renowned for its great diversity, heritage and tradition which pervade every aspect of life and society. The world’s largest  democracy, India is a pluralistic, multilingual, and multi-ethnic society.

Delhi is a sprawling, multicultural, cosmopolitan metropolis. English is very widely spoken in Delhi and all over India. Delhi offers excellent facilities for cultural, commercial, tourism and travel activities. Its rapid development has transformed Delhi into a major cultural, health, political, and commercial centre of India. Global
connectivity is excellent. Indira Gandhi International Airport is among the most modern and well equipped airports in the world and most of the leading global airlines operate in Delhi. Accommodation from luxury to business to economy hotels is available.  Within the city, connectivity is good with varied public transport like luxury taxis, radio taxis, taxis, buses, metro and smaller vehicles.

Visit to Delhi is complete only with an experience of its famed specialties such as its delicious curries, barbecued tikkas and kebabs. It is also a shoppers’ haven. Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, located in the city of Agra that holds the glory even after years of its construction. Just two hour drive from Delhi, it draws numerous tourists from all parts of the world.

2022 Bid for IPWSO Conference


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Beautiful Lotus Temple in Delhi

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