Board members sought for 2019

IPWSO Board members hold a three year term with an optional three year extension.  Our Statutes state that as far as possible, board members should be spread across different continents and at least half should be parents.  You can read our statutes here.

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from people interested in joining our board for a 3 year term from November 2019 – 2022.

As an IPWSO board member you will be helping improve the lives of people with PWS and their families around the world.  You will be working alongside international PWS experts and parents of people with PWS from around the world and be up-to-date on the latest developments in PWS research and treatments.


All board members will be expected to participate in monthly board meetings via Skype and to work on IPWSO projects.

You will need to be proficient in English and if you are skilled in any of the following areas: IT, finance, digital marketing, graphic design or fundraising, we would love to know you more!

The process is simple:  if you are interested, then contact your PWS Association and tell them you wish to stand as an IPWSO board member and ask them to sponsor you.  Their letter of sponsorship should come back to us, along with your biography and a headshot photo.  You will then be advised of a mutually convenient time when the IPWSO selection committee will contact you by phone or Skype for a short interview.  If selected, your name will join others on a Slate for consideration by the IPWSO board and will go forward on the day of our General Assembly for voting.

Good luck!


If you have further questions please contact us!

IPWSO also seeks board members with medical, scientific and research backgrounds.  We have an active Medical & Scientific Advisory Board with dedicated medical professional representatives, and  seats in our primary Board. 

If you are interested in the latest PWS research, discussing the unique characteristics of PWS with other experts, and helping other countries raise their level of understanding, then you might like to think about applying to become part of our team.

Membership of the IPWSO Board has helped me better understand PWS and better support my son. I now feel more confident about how to manage
his care and more positive about his future.
Marguerite Hughes, Ireland, Board member since 2013

As a board member I have the opportunity to be constantly aware of what is happening in the world of IPWSO: research, treatment, activities, and help.
It is wonderful to also share my own experiences of PWS worldwide
Verena Gutmann, Austria, Board member since 2016

IPWSO board involvement is both challenging and rewarding. Diversity of the board, sub-committees and membership has led me to a deeper understanding of the many cultural and linguistic complexities experienced by our families.
James O’Brien, Australia, Board member since 2016

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